Product Repairs


It's Time to Repair, Now What?

Just like everything in the SCUBA diving industry, know your limits.  If you do not know how to repair your equipment properly, or have never received training, you can kill yourself!  It's not worth the risk..  We have a wonderful network of repair facilities that can help you out.   

Okay, so you know what it takes to repair sensitive LIFE SUSTAINING EQUIPMENT, lets get into it.  First off, know that you can contact us anytime with questions on how to repair our products, or specific o-ring specifications.   If you are just looking for a guide... they can be found here:   Omniswivel Repair Guides

To order o-ring kits, please call us at 858.748.9442

Remember, if you have any questions during any part of the repair process, stop immediately and contact us.. that is what we are here for.

"If there is doubt,

there is no doubt"