BC Quick Disconnect Male: Check Valve 9/16"-18m

BC Quick Disconnect Male: Check Valve 9/16"-18m




Male QD:

  • Inflator hose quick disconnect type male
  • 9/16"-18 male with 1lb built in check valve. Connects to any low pressure port or hose.


  • Male QD contains 1lb check valve allowing disconnection and
    attachment underwater, while keeping water from flooding the system.
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Made with 02 compatible material


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General Maintenance:
Rinse all products off with clean water at the end of the diving day.  Allow the product to drip dry or towel off.  Do not allow the adapter to sit in dirty water for a prolonged period.  Doing so may discolor the plating.  Discoloration will not have a negative effect on the product other than appearance.

O-ring Service:
O-Rings should be replaced every 100 dives or 1 years, whichever comes first.  Please refer to the proper o-ring replacement guide or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  Use only o-rings approved by OmniSwivel International.   

** Always positive pressure test fittings prior to entering the water to ensure that an air tight seal has been made. **

General Installation Procedures:

Female Quick Disconnect:

  • Thread the hose to the MALE thread of the fitting using hand tight pressure. 
  • Once the hose nut is secured using hand tight pressure, use 11/16 Hex wrench on the Female Quick Disconnect and an appropriate wrench on hose nut. 
  • Apply hand tight pressure to both wrenches ensuring a snug fit

Male Quick Disconnect:

  • Thread the Male Quick Disconnect to a standard hose using hand tight pressure.
  • Use a 5/8" Hex wrench to secure the fitting to the hose. 
  • Apply hand tight pressure to the connect fittings ensuring a snug fit.