Gas Switch Block, Right Hand

Gas Switch Block, Right Hand




  • 2ea 9/16"-18(adapters) Male Inlets
  • 1ea 3/8"-24 Female outlet


L= 4.25" x W= 1.35" x H= 2.25"

Approximate Shipping Weight = 1.0lb 6oz.


  • Solid brass construction for maximum durability.
  • Oxygen Compatible Materials and O-Rings.
  • Inlet adapters can be removed to expose 3/8"-24 female ports.  Allowing for flexibility of hose attachments.
  • Center position (as shown) has a built in shut off. This is to prevent cross blending of multiple gases, or to turn off 2nd stage regulator in the event of a failure.
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Country of Origin:

 United States of America

 General Installation Procedures:

 ·         Attach primary air source to the 9/16"18 male fittings.  Use 5/8" Wrench to secure the connection.  Attach outlet hose to the other 3/8"-24 Female fitting.  Secure the connection using wrench.


General Maintenance:

Rinse all products off with clean water at the end of the diving day.  Allow the product to drip dry or towel off.  Do not allow the adapter to sit in dirty water for a prolonged period.  Doing so may discolor the plating.  Discoloration will not have a negative effect on the product other than appearance.


O-ring Service:

O-Rings should be replaced every 200 dives or 1 year, whichever comes first.  Please refer to the proper o-ring replacement guide or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  Use only o-rings approved by OmniSwivel International.