Our Team

OmniSwivel is a fun, and energetic manufacturing shop... We run the machines all day long!

We are dog friendly and usually have no less than three dogs running around the shop.


Johan "Joe" Wythoff

Joe is the owner and principal designer of Omniswivel International.  He was born in Holland and came to the United States in . Always having a creative mind and a knack for problem solving, Joe knew just what to do when a diver remarked about his sore jaw after a dive due to inflexible, standard parts on his mouth piece. Joe designed, created and executed the first swivel made to reduce jaw fatigue and streamline hoses for a more comfortable and safe dive. Joe can be found at OmniSwivel nearly every day creating and manufacturing pieces.  Joe loves to travel with his wife Mary, play Solitaire and enjoys the traditional Dutch coffee with cookies every afternoon.


Mary Wythoff

Mary was born in Suriname and came to the United States with her husband Joe. Mary is the behind-the-scenes at OmniSwivel International, aka "the one who keeps things in order". When you receive a package from us, it is most likely Mary packed it herself with care and consideration for each and every customer in mind. Mary enjoys cooking and her split pea soup doesn't last around the office for more than a few minutes.  She dotes on her dog Tommy and is always up for a kiss or snuggle from any pup that stops by.


Joseph de Wit

Joseph was born in Colorado and raised in sunny San Diego for most of his life.  He is the Director of Operations at Omniswivel. When you call us or send an e-mail, you will be in touch with Joe at some point.  His attention to detail and intuitive problem-solving skills compliment Omniswivel's ability to make sure each customer is getting exactly what works for their specific application. Joe is a graduate of the University of Redlands.  He is an avid diver and his favorite spot to dive is Maui for the amazing turtles and the ability to hear the whales singing underwater during their migration.


Ret Sombon

Ret has worked at Omniswivel for 17 years as a machinist. Ret's attention to detail in every part he manufactures ensures the safest possible end product for the diver. Ret is the father of two sons and enjoys outdoor time with them year-round in sunny San Diego. Ret enjoyes cooking and has a uncanny ability to eat the spiciest of spicy foods, the spicy that makes other people cry.